This Giving Tuesday Support Tribal-Led Ecotourism in the Amazon

Ecolodge in the Amazon

This Giving Tuesday you can help launch tribal-led ecotourism in the Amazon to help protect one of the world’s most vulnerable tribes as well as the rainforest they call home.

Ecolodge in the Amazon - Giving Tuesday
Waorani children

The Waorani (also called Waodani, Huaorani) live on some of the most biologically rich land in the world, as well as one of the most oil rich parcels in the Amazon.

Since their first sustained contact with the modern world in the 1950s, they’ve been subjected to a variety of outside interests that have led to a dependent relationship on Big Oil, missionaries and non-profits.  A new generation of Waorani desire to take their future – and their globally important lands – into their own hands via the development of tribal-run enterprises, with ecotourism at the forefront.

Ecolodge in the Amazon - Ecotourism in the Amazon
Waorani men constructing an ecolodge on their traditional Amazonian territory.

To advance this goal,

Wao leadership has invited I am Wilderness LLC – the company behind The Green Gatsby – to help develop a series of web products to promote their products and their culture to English-speaking audiences. As a formal tribal partner, I am Wilderness will build a Wao ecotourism marketing website, an online Wao/English/Spanish dictionary, and a cultural exchange site featuring a video library of Waorani cultural practices.

To fund this, we are seeking $25,000 USD to support travel from the US and within remote Amazonian tribal lands, four months of web development, stipends for Waorani to work on dictionary and cultural documentation projects, camera equipment, and web hosting/development costs.


All donations are tax-deductible in the United States via our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor


Ecotourism in the Amazon
Arlo Hemphill of The Green Gatsby at work with Waorani.



Header Image (top of page): Photo credit: Yasuni Waorani/Flickr/Creative Commons

Featured Image (top of post): Photo credit: Adrienne via Alexander Farley/Flickr/Creative Commons


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