The World’s 10 Best Places to See Penguins

Best Places to See Penguins

Naturally dressed for any black-tie affair, penguins unfortunately get few party offers, probably on account of their ridiculous waddle and that offensive habit of coughing up dead fish.  Yet, cute as hell, we just can’t help but bring the party to them.  Here’s some of the best places on the planet to catch these remarkable birds in action – on their own terms!
Here are the top 10 places in the world to see penguins:

1. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

More penguins, elephant seals and albatross than you can shake a stick at! All of the allure of Antarctica at half the distance (from the tip of South America that is). One of the world’s last true wildlife spectacles.

Best Places to See Penguins - South GeorgiaOtterBox flickr


3. Boulders Beach

Off Queens Road, Cape Town 7995 South Africa

I love jackass penguins, they seriously rule! And in South Africa – or Africa period for that matter, this is where to see them. Beautifully ironic juxtaposition with the Cape Town beaches, sun, sand, surf and sharks. Couldn’t be more surreal, or more real South Africa. A great little spot.

Best Places to See Penguins - Boulders BeachHeather Prime Skyscanner


Peru’s wildest coastal treasure. A truly raw, starkly beautiful corner of the world – home to abundant Humboldt penguins. geoglyphs, sea lions and guano birds galore. Paracas alone is reason enough to visit Peru.

7. Yécapasela Reserve

Estancia Harberton, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina

Ushuaia may be the gateway to Antarctica, but you’ll start feeling the penguin infestation before you are even out the gate. Yecapasela is home to thousands of Magellanic penguins, along with a nice handful of gentoo penguins and rock cormorants. I’m confused as to whether it’s a coastal wonderland or black-tie only convention, but I love it. The universe left magic dust at the tip of South America.

Best Places to See Penguins - Yecapasela ReserveLiam Quinn flickr

Best Places to See Penguins - Antarctic PeninsulaLiam Quinn flickr


Best Places to See Penguins - Pinnacle RockPeter Gene flickr

Best Places to See Penguins - South Island, New Zealandgeoftheref flickr

Best Places to See Penguins

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This post was based on The Green Gatsby’s Trip by Skyscanner (formerly Gogobot) custom guide to penguins and originally published by Yahoo Travel in November 2013.

Photos of Emperor penguins (header & top of page): Christopher Michel, Creative Commons.

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