Back in the Forest

Back in the Forest

Estacion Cientifica Yasuni, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador – Mucha lluvia por la noche!  A big storm rolled in tonight and showered us all with a tremendous downpour, with much wind and lightening. It ruined my dock time, but it was an impressive display of God’s power.

Back in the forest
Photo: Peter Schoen

Today I was back in the forest with full health. I enjoy working with Anelio, he is very funny.  Today we saw the tracks of a jaguar and a peccary.  Also a troop of howlers were stationed along the roadside this morning.

Due to the fact that we will receive extra days off in May because of the presidential elections, we had to work extra hours today.  After noon we switched from mapping to staking quadrants.  I was so hot and mosquito-bitten by the end.  All I could think about was the ocean.  Oh how I miss the ocean, but could I ever switch from forestry back to marine biology?  I do not know, my parents would cringe at the mere mention.  However, I am still interested in island biogeography, and I would probably love the forest in full force again if I could only jump in the clear blue after a sweaty study session.

Vermiculate river stingray (Potamotrygon castexi) . Photo Brennan Peabody/Wikimedia Commons

At dinner, Gabriel described a stingray to me, but he thought it was not a fish.  Flashes of Osteichthyes and Chondrichthyes moved through my head, while pangs of fluidly moving batiformes soared through my soul.  The clear blue is my true mother.  I love the forest but this isolation is adultery.  So now I must climb over the Andes, summit Cotopaxi, slide down to the coast, and finally float out to the Galapagos. Or I must slip into the Napo and float down to the Amazon; let the Amazon carry me down, down, down; flush out into the Atlantic, and be carried north to the Antilles.

Water. El agua esta en mi corazon.

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