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The Green Gatsby is a blog for nature lovers and the environmentally-conscious traveler.  The blog hosts stories across the spectrum of green travel, from amazing ecotourism destinations to green travel practices and the latest on sustainable lifestyle trends.

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Arlo Hemphill

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Hi my name is Arlo, and I'm the Green Gatsby.  For the past 25 years, my work as a conservationist and science communicator has had me traveling around the world - and sometimes living abroad - on behalf of major conservation and academic organizations.  During that time I've become passionate both about the rich natural history of eco-destinations and about the travel process itself, and how we can make it more sustainable for our planet.  So I started this blog to begin sharing that passion with you.

With 47 countries and counting, I know the ins and outs of green business travel in cities from Amsterdam to Bangkok.  But despite the professional necessity of my suit-and-tie work, what really gets me fired up is wilderness, those remote, untouched corners of the globe that still function as nature intended.  I'm an avid backcountry hiker and SCUBA diver, and my favorite work experiences have included living in the Amazon with Ecuador's Waorani indigenous group, sailing across the Atlantic aboard the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, monitoring sea turtle nests in South Florida, and serving as an online correspondent on research expeditions to some of South America's most remote waterways.  Over the past couple years, I've formed a personal mission to explore and share the stories of each of the world's remaining major wilderness areas, and I'll be bringing you along via travel posts here on the Green Gatsby as well as more conservation issue-oriented pieces on I am Wilderness.

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Cyber Monday Outdoor Gear Deals

Disclaimer:  The following Cyber Monday outdoor gear deals are through vendors with which The Green Gatsby has affiliate marketing relationships.  While no product here is endorsed as specifically eco-friendly, The Green Gatsby does strive to choose partners with values that are like-minded to the goals of this blog.   Backcountry.com Cyber Monday Sale Extended – READ MORE

Waorani Begin Work on New Tribal-Run EcoLodge in the Amazon

Ecuador’s Waorani people (also called Waodani or Huaorani) have broken ground this month on a new ecolodge in the Amazon.  The lodge and cultural exchange center will be managed by and designed to benefit the people.  The facility will be called Minkaye Lodge and is located in the Waorani Indigenous Territory in Ecuador’s Amazonian region.  READ MORE